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Slendy (Slender Man) APK is a free app listed in Action Apps. It is very easy to install Slendy (Slender Man) app on you

“Created with Unity3D, this Slender Man game will give you one of, if not the best, Slender Man experience to you! Exclusively on the Android Market!

NOTE: This game may not perform very well with older devices due to the environment and graphical power. You can turn down the graphics in the pause menu settings by pressing the back arrow on your Android device in-game.

NOTE: If you are unable to install the game, try again. Most cases it’s just Google Play’s error with downloading the last extra part of the game. If that’s not the case, then you might not have enough space for the game (103 MB). Please do not take your anger out on the game and rate it 1 star because of this minor issue.

*Thank you very much for all the great feedback! All these reviews mean a lot to me, and lets me know that you all want more Slender! If you like the game, please rate. 5 star ratings help get future updates!

*It would really help out if you guys can possibly install an app from an advertisement at least once! I get about a $1 for every install. 🙂 *

*My new app is now out! It is more graphically gorgeous and the forest is 3x bigger! Check it out: “Slendy: THE WOODS”*

-Original Eight Pages Soundtrack by Mark J. Hadley
-Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack by Mark J. Hadley
-Slenderman’s Shadow Music by Marc Steene (Hospice, 7th Street, etc.)
-Slender: The Arrival Jumpscare Noises
-Six Levels to Play!!!:
-Dark, Forrest Setting and Atmosphere, with over 10 page spawn locations!
-New School Level! *Collect 8 Backpacks!*
-Quiet, Deserted Streets…
-Airport Level!
-Also, $20 Mode, at last!
-SlenderCraft (MineCraft-inspired level)
-Slender: The Arrival Slender Man 3D Model!
-Original Eight Pages to Collect
-Upcoming New Levels!
-And more!

-Left Joystick for moving
-Right Joystick for moving


This Slender game is packed with many things from the original (permission given to me by Mark J. Hadley himself).

This game has been tested on:
-Nexus 7 tablet
-Samsung Galaxy s2
-Samsung Galaxy s3
-Samsung Galaxy s4
(People with older phones and tablets might experience more lag or glitches due to graphics)

–I will try my best to release further updates, for college now takes up most of my time!

–Many thanks to Kenneth Lemieux (DIGITAL CODE WORKS), creator of Slenderman! Chapter 1: Alone, for taking the time to help me fix my game and giving me some of his wisdom!

–I had lots of help from the Unity Community, especially Alucard Jay’s Slender Guide. This guide helped me immensely and without it, I wouldn’t be able to create this game at such a fast time period and with great quality!

My “GuyFating Icon” is created by my very own sister, Stephanie Tran. Here’s the link to her Deviant Art:”

Download APK(v9.5)

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